Safe Place Nigeria, an initiative of She Writes Woman, started as a monthly gathering for women in a stigma and judgement-free environment where they were offered space to talk about life issues in hopes of getting care, accountability and information on mental wellness practices that creates attitudinal or behavioral changes. Over time, Safe Place grew to accommodate all genders with the goal of promoting mental wellness amongst Nigerians.


Currently, Safe Place Nigeria is an open and free community on with over 23,000+ members all over Nigeria.
We are creating a closed virtual community with Facebook Groups that seeks to provide deeper engagement to mental health-conscious Nigerians by providing access to self-care tools, digital mental healthcare and wellness practices at an affordable fee. The closed community will run side-by-side our open community serving as a funnel for members craving deeper engagement.


We believe that our closed community is imperative in a COVID-19 world of less physical spaces and increased emotional distress on the average Nigerian.
By fostering deeper engagement and connection in a closed, safe, virtual community, our members get a blend of access, affordability and community that is largely unavailable to the average Nigerian today.



Our founder, Hauwa, lived through multiple domestic and sexual violence incidences, coupled with resulting trauma. She was diagnosed with bipolar and posttraumatic stress disorder with mild psychosis. She nearly took her life 2 months after.
So, we know. We know what it's like to finally look within ourselves. We know what it's like to be passionate and conscious of our mental health and life experiences that have shaped it. Whether you live with a mental health condition or are an advocate, whether you're a loved one of someone else or simply want to stay mentally healthy, you're in the right place.

Since Hauwa started the movement that is now She Writes Woman in 2016, we have reached over 2 million people globally with accurate mental health knowledge and information. We have also directly supported over 10,000+ Nigerians with in-person and digital mental healthcare.

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